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Add 50 New Marketing & Sales Channels to your Business – In 6 months.

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Over here at DTBS we are working on some exciting projects.  

One of our Flagship marketing programs has provided us with an opportunity unlike anything we have seen before in our industry.

If you have read any of my material about Marketing Partnerships you will perhaps have taken on board the fact they are easy to set up and thus fast to establish. Of utmost importance, fast must not mean poorly done.

Whilst setting up new Marketing Partners is a key objective there are other crucial outcomes required.

Ensure there is a win / win in place that will incentivise your Marketing Partner to take action.

I see too many poorly done “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” loosely named strategic alliances where nothing ever happens between the two parties.  The result? No result.

Support Your Marketing Partner Above and Beyond the Win / Win.

Do not assume your new Partner is a marketing and/or sales legend or has a top gun sales team.  Consider how you can assist them in the marketing & sales process.  What strategy, resources or concepts can you recommend/provide for them?  What is a great campaign you can deliver together? Follow through.

Our Proprietary Marketing Partnership Strategy Takes Care of ALL the Above.

One of the greatest things about Partnering strategy is that you become a master at…

  • Identifying the hidden assets in your business and that of your partners – then you can Amplify them.

  • Finding the win / win to make a Partnership motor along.  (Consider how you could partner with a business 10 times larger than yours. Do you have a way in ? Do you have the skills? Do you have what they want?)

  • Creating innovative marketing campaigns and strategy focused upon your new Partners.

  • Removing obstacles or filling Gaps in your business or that of your Partner/s.

  • Identifying potential partners you would never have previously considered to be relevant.

  • Successfully approaching ANY potential partner.

  • Building a vast network of new marketing / sales channels.

So how does all this relate to our post topic?

With the right marketing partner framework you can identify amazing options for new Partnerships.  Create what you need with the tools and skills you have learned to create a great win / win partnership then duplicate it over and over and over.

The beauty of the drug testing industry is that there are plenty of relevant businesses out there with a common target market – the same customers as you seek.

Is it really possible to create 50 new winning Sales & Marketing channels in 6 months?  We are preparing to help one of our clients do just that.

This strategy is available to our key clients and is only one component of the success of our Marketing Partnership programs.

For more information please contact me direct.



About the Author:

Cameron Stuart provides forward thinking business education services to the Drug Testing Industry through his company Drug Testing Business Success. Key principles of his business include low cost strategies for maximum results.
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