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Many of us have been there.  Pressure to reach out and create new leads for drug testing sales.  Maybe it was self imposed pressure because you are a high achiever. Or perhaps your employer simply demands such. Or maybe you love the game and do not feel any of the apprehension I speak of. Showoff.

In this day and age it seems many of the high value targets are constantly receiving enquiries from drug testing providers. They may be far less receptive to your enquiry compared to “the good old days”.  You may also have trouble getting past the admin / gatekeepers attuned to avoiding sales people.

My business journey in drug testing required similar effort with my comfort zone being accosted on plenty of occasions.  Of course we all know it is a necessary part of the process.  It just has to be done, like it or not.

Day in and day out you will ultimately achieve results. Are the results meeting your expectations?

Ok I have set the scene. Now yes, you guessed it, here at DTBS we have a solution to the fear factor and lack of results issues.

Marketing Partnership strategy offers a roundabout way of reaching the same leads you would normally be required to cold call.  Take a deep breath, sit back and imagine the following:

  • Simply researching that high value target customer you are seeking leads you to discover some other businesses they currently work with.

  • One of these “other businesses” presents some alignment with your target market – which is likely since they already service your high value target customer.

  • Let’s name this other business “Breakfree” (from fear!!).  You do not know it yet but “Breakfree” has 227 customers on their books which fit your ideal customer profile.

  • You then take stock for a while and consider what you can offer “Breakfree” in the way of some win/wins. You see a path before you.

  • Ok so now it is time for the cold call or the LinkedIn contact – yet you feel no fear.

  • Your fear is gone since you are not actually attempting to sell your product / service to “Breakfree”.  Instead, you wish to reach out to them and present some possible win/wins whereby they may sell more of their own product/service via their relationship with you.

If you are now getting the picture, you may start to understand how things can become fun and how you can use some of that creative spark that burns within you.

Now what about more results?

Part 2 of this scenario is that you can now advance discussions, strategies and campaigns with “Breakfree” and potentially access all 227 of their customers. But hey, didn’t this start out with a desire to reach that one high value target customer?

We forgot to mention, you now have a warm intro to that one high value target customer and an easier sell of your own services to them. Moving forward you may then convert another 10, 20 or more from the 227 available.

Gotta love the maths.





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Cameron Stuart provides forward thinking business education services to the Drug Testing Industry through his company Drug Testing Business Success. Key principles of his business include low cost strategies for maximum results.
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