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“Done With You” – Why Our Programs Equal Results

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Bringing the best marketing strategy to our drug testing clients.

Many of you will have noticed our newly released Marketing Partnership programs. With three available they are designed to suit anyone and every business.

If you think your business is in between, speak to me and I will see what tailoring is required to deliver a custom package.  This would usually take the form of a selection of the features available from our three available.  For example, Marketing Partnership Mastery is a blend of the market conquering Ecosystem Program and the more fundamental Implementation Program.

Back to Results…

When you consider a consultant the very word suggests you are dealing with a person who will provide you with advice or complete a project for you. Most business support or consulting provided can be summed up as follows.

  1. Do it Yourself – We provide you with all the support, information and templates needed.

  2. Done With You – We provide the above, plus engage with you more deeply on the specifics and then review your results prior to providing further advice.

  3. Done For You – We teach and lead you through Done With You, but also do some of it ourselves.

Many consultants or “experts” out there deliver you a service which falls squarely into category 1 above.  Here at DTBS we provide much more. All three of our Marketing Programs include categories 1 and 2. We really do go the extra mile. It is more time consuming for us, yet our clients’ results MATTER.

Our Drug Testing Marketing Ecosystem includes category 3 where we do a bunch of really incredible things for our clients.

When you are considering whether value exists from the offerings of a specialist / consultant or business coach – consider the above and ensure you are not just buying into “do it yourself”.




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Cameron Stuart provides forward thinking business education services to the Drug Testing Industry through his company Drug Testing Business Success. Key principles of his business include low cost strategies for maximum results.
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