Drug Testing Contractors and Labour Hire Australia Wide.

Congratulations on finding a provider who can…

  • Plug you into our existing network of Drug and Alcohol Testing Contractors Australia Wide. 
  • Recruit, train and manage one (or more depending upon needs) Drug & Alcohol Testing Technician/s to be located in close proximity to your area.
  • Represent your brand and business as required.
  • Perform any necessary drug and alcohol testing at your customer site/s as required.
  • Include drug testing contractors availability 24/7 with response time for incident / suspicion type testing to include arrival at customer site within 1-2 hours of notice.
  • Provide access to all equipment as needed.
  • Provide all required test reporting documentation within 24 hours of site visits (if you require a faster time frame please request).

When it comes to hiring national Drug Testing Labour, you can count on us!

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