Drug Testing Franchises in Australia – Speak to Us First.

Drug testing business franchises are available in Australia and the USA from some providers.

The USA market is an entirely different scenario to Australia when it comes to franchises. DTBS provides services to and supports several franchise providers in the USA.

In Australia however, franchises are generally expensive and given they are restricted to relatively small geographic areas, we find ourselves questioning the validity of going down that path.

There are only a few Franchise operations in Australia and some are better than others.  If you wish to hear both sides of the drug testing franchise sales pitch be sure to speak with us before making any big decisions or investments.

We are also pleased to offer a fantastic alternative for Australian customers. If you are serious about starting your own business and would like to do it for a reasonable cost, speak to us at DTBS. We can provide you with all knowledge, strategy, templates, documentation, equipment and resources required to start up your own drug testing business.

Set up your drug testing business for a fraction of the cost of a Franchise…

Our advice to anyone contemplating a drug testing business start up would be to carefully consider high cost start ups and potential speed of the return on investment. Whether you want to set up one geographic locality or prefer to go National, the start up cost will likely be only 10% to 20% of a Franchise.


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