How do you fulfill a dream to create the #No.1 Marketing Strategy in Drug Testing?

Drug Testing Marketing Ecosystem Facilitates Greater and Faster Sales

  • Marketing Partnerships are the No.1 strategy of high growth firms.–Hinge Research Institute

  • High Growth firms invested 43% more towards marketing than No-growth firms and enjoy 74% more impact.– Hinge Research Institute

  • High-Growth firms employ a higher ratio of marketers to full time employees (1:15) than No-Growth firms (1:48)– Hinge Research Institute



We have mapped out core programs that are designed for maximum growth.

Step 1

Instruction and firm understanding of Partner2GROW drug testing specific marketing partnership training.

Step 2

“Done with You” phase includes Marketing Partnership Mastery content. This content will be leveraged in Phase 3 & 4.

Step 3

“Done for You”. DTBS and Partner2GROW actively seek and establish new Partnerships for your business. More details on application.

Step 4

Commence the drug testing marketing ecosystem. A key part of the success of this strategy. More details on application.

Marketing Ecosystem

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  • Strategy Intense
  • Dominate marketing opportunities
  • Gain the competitive edge
  • Exclusivity available

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And now for some...

Brutal Honesty

No matter what your experience or understanding of the drug testing business – you will ALWAYS benefit from another perspective and by simply going through the detailed analysis this program will generate. I have long advocated DTBS has much to offer in the USA & UK. This is consistently reinforced as I work within the market. Our Ecosystem Program provides you with access to much broader drug testing strategy advice.

DTBS will generally approach businesses we wish to offer the Ecosystem to. However...

We do not know "everyone" in the industry and welcome expressions of interest from any business meeting the turnover criteria to have a discussion about it.