Marketing Partnership Action.

Are You Getting Any?


I encourage you to sit up

and take notice of the following points below:


Marketing Partnerships are…

Low cost or “No Cost” marketing.

Provide Access to Hundreds of Potential Customers – FAST!

Move you from one to one to “One to Many” marketing.

Can be developed into a more Strategic Partnership with high value Partners.

Being used increasingly by larger businesses partnering with smaller businesses.

  • Marketing Partnerships are the No.1 strategy of high growth firms.–Hinge Research Institute

  • High Growth firms invested 43% more towards marketing than No-growth firms and enjoy 74% more impact.– Hinge Research Institute

  • High-Growth firms employ a higher ratio of marketers to full time employees (1:15) than No-Growth firms (1:48)– Hinge Research Institute

Marketing Partnerships

Dissected, explained and implemented.


Your invitation to a weekly action plan with results every step of the way:

Cameron will provide one-on-one coaching assistance for your business:

  • Weekly phone hook-up for a strategy / action plan session – focus on 1 or 2 aspects of Marketing Partnership strategy each time. Up to an hour per session if needed. These sessions will continue for up to 6 weeks.

  • Include cold contact strategy for potential partners, by phone / email and LinkedIn. (Cold contacts for Marketing Partnership strategies are much less confronting than a sales call – with a strike rate of 80%)

  • Extra email support and/or extra Q&A during each week if required.


Also included via our own Strategic Alliance Partner “Partner2Grow” is access to their online PartnerFast program, valued at $495.00.

This sets the stage for our next steps with a rapidly delivered yet powerful insight into this proprietary strategy.



We teach you secrets about Marketing Partnerships others cannot – because they simply don’t know this information – or its true power!!

Marketing Partnership Action


one time fee - instalments available

  • Personal Coaching Sessions – Tailored to Your Business
  • Extra Q&A when needed
  • Written guides and exercises
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Tax Free in USA
  • Add GST for Australia
  • Discounted for two or more persons (two minds are better than one)  ** Price on Application**
  • Free Replace Your Website Offer – Limited time

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Money Back Guarantee – If you do not receive plenty of actionable content and are not satisfied cancel at any time up until your 3rd Session with us.