This program brings amazing results for selected Australian, New Zealand, USA and UK drug testing businesses. Below is a further overview of who, or which businesses, this program is for…

Those who can appreciate a proven method of marketing success
and commit to its application

  • Marketing Partnerships are the No.1 strategy of high growth firms.–Hinge Research Institute

  • High Growth firms invested 43% more towards marketing than No-growth firms and enjoy 74% more impact.– Hinge Research Institute

  • High-Growth firms employ a higher ratio of marketers to full time employees (1:15) than No-Growth firms (1:48)– Hinge Research Institute



What Can We Do For You?

Proprietary Partner2GROW Marketing Partnership Strategy

Workshop delivery of our Proprietary Partner2GROW Marketing Partnership Strategy specific to Drug & Alcohol Testing.

“Done With You”

For 12 months we consult, coach and guide you in establishing new marketing partnerships with aligned non-competing businesses. This will enable you to create a “Micro Community” of Marketing Partners.

Access to Opportunities

Access to our community of Marketing Partnership focused businesses – with corresponding access to opportunities. In many cases before they are publicly available.



per month

  • 12 Months of One to one consults
  • 100%Tailored to your business
  • 2 x Monthly strategy sessions
  • 1 x Monthly Accountability session
  • Extra help when you need it
  • Access qualified leads from the established DTBS Partner network
  • Access our community & pre-release opportunities

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And now for some...

Brutal Honesty

Most marketing is slow, expensive and a waste of time.  The cost of this program is insignificant compared to the value on offer and the changes it will bring about for ALL your marketing strategies ongoing. STOP being one of “those” businesses relying on “hopium” marketing. Invest in growth. Learn, then live by, this revolution in marketing strategy.  Access proven plans and “money can’t buy” opportunities.

Support your Partners as they sell for You.

Exponential. Tap into hundreds of leads.

Lock competitors out of the best opportunities.


Join the early adopters in drug testing and take the greatest opportunities in your area for YOUR business.

Marketing Partnership strategy is still an under utilised technique in marketing. Your drug testing competitors likely know nothing about it, or at the very least do not have access to the systemised action plans and strategies available with us.

Testimonial - Geoff Larson

Director, Pacific Security (Aust.)

“Cameron has created something truly great and knows how to tap into the hidden opportunities that are all around us. As an early adopter of this marketing strategy I am truly excited about the future.”

Testimonial - Colin Passmore

Director, Mediscreen (Aust.)

“There are plenty of great marketing partners which are not obvious until you learn to really understand how Marketing Partnerships work. Before being introduced to this step by step process my partnership opportunities were 5% of what they are now.”

Testimonial - Jeff Howard

President / Owner, ARCpoint Labs of Salem (USA)

“Cameron introduced me to Marketing Partnership strategy including recommendations as to business types which are well aligned with drug testing services. As a result I have formed a Partnership with a local business with access to quality new leads.”