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Paris Accommodation Travel Hacks

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Paris can be one of the trickiest cities to find value accommodation.

My tried and tested strategy of last minute accommodation to find bargains and live the dream in above my budget accommodation can backfire in a place like Paris. My trips to Paris have always been on the shoulder of peak season which can make things easier to find accommodation with value.  However my first tip for Paris, which most travelers do anyway – is book well in advance.

That tip was logical and you can have that for free! Here are the serious tips now. They are related in an exciting way. Read on…


Airbnb comes into its own in expensive cities. You can usually find plenty of available accommodation well below hotel rates. In Paris two of the key challenges are space and good location.  Oh and if you are brave and driving then forget about value parking or even parking at all in many cases.

Want some room to move after you put your suitcases in the room? Want to be closer to some of the landmarks?

My first two trips to Paris with last minute bookings produced small rooms with quality, yes. Yet a poor location.

The Seine.

Something happened when browsing Airbnb listings on my most recent trip to Paris. Several boat listings appeared. Closer inspection revealed moored boats scattered along the Seine.  Some were in proximity to the Eiffel tower. Having made my selection here was the value for money:

  • Free parking alongside the boat.
  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms.
  • A large living area, a kitchen and alfresco dining on the rear deck.
  • 500m from the Eiffel tower.

Since then, I have included boat accommodation as an option when travelling to plenty of other places. Try it.  It is a bit of an adventure and allows even further escape whilst on holidays.


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