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Drug Testing Business Success specialises in supply of wholesale products & services to support your drug testing business.



Who we are

Suppliers of business changing products, services & solutions for Australian Workplace Drug Testing Providers.

Cost Reduction

We save money for our customers through innovation, increased options and our network.

Strategic Advice

With over 15 years in Australian workplace drug & alcohol testing, we know the industry. Whatever the challenge in your business – we can help you solve it.

New Revenues

Are you maximising your products & services for increased profit? Don’t leave money on the table. Speak to us.


A glimpse of our key services

Over a 17 year period in this industry we have identified what our clients really want.

Tailored Certified Training

Partnering with an RTO can be limiting. We add flexibility.

Best Price on Products

Workplace drug testing service providers don’t want to pay retail values for their consumables.

Ready to use Documentation

Why re-invent the wheel when you can access our drug testing document essentials.

Extra Revenue

New revenue streams are our specialty. Too many drug testing service providers leave money on the table.

Software Solutions

Move from paper testing record forms to electronic. Customised to your brand.

Step 01.

Let's Chat!

It all starts with picking up the telephone. A quick chat will identify whether our solutions will work for your business.

Step 02.

Select Solutions

Choose your options for moving forwards. One, two or more of our products & services. Packaging products & services is our specialty.

Step 03.


Whatever your choice of service, we customise to suit your business.  More than just lip service, this is a key point of difference for our business – and yours.

Step 04.

Deploy & Improve

Implement your new products, services and solutions. Add revenue, save cost and enjoy greater Drug Testing Business Success.



All of our projects are collaborative with your team. More minds equals better outcomes.


What are you waiting for?

All of our client engagements are entirely confidential.  Should any conflict be identified we will advise you at the outset.


Meet Our Director

Drug Testing Business Success is supported by our teams in admin, design, information technology, consultant toxicology and product supply.


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Contact Details

Hobart, Tasmania.

Monday to Friday : 9am to 6pm


Our Mission

To identify, package and provide business changing solutions for our clients.

Our History

From drug testing operations to business development to consulting – business improvements for our clients is our passion.