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Do it yourself drug & alcohol testing program.

Drug Testing Products we have available are detailed below with key specifications.


Alcolizer HH3 Alcohol Tester

The Alcolizer HH3 Alcohol Tester (HH3) has been specifically designed for alcohol breath testing in small to medium industrial enterprises.


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Alcolizer HH4 Alcohol Tester

Advanced performance Alcolizer HH4 Alcohol Tester (HH4) has highly responsive electrochemical platinum fuel cell that delivers fast and accurate results in heavy industrial use as well as in law enforcement applications.


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LE5 Alcohol

Alcolizer LE5 Alcohol Tester

The Alcolizer LE5 Alcohol Tester’s platinum electrochemical fuel cell delivers fast, sophisticated and accurate results. It features a modular system that enables calibration to be completed on-site in around 60 seconds.


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LE5 Druglizer

LE5 Drug Tester technology incorporates state-of-the-art liner Detector Arrays and a patented Optical Filtering System to deliver accurate and fast drug test results from just 90 seconds. Results are clearly defined and displayed so the user is not required to interpret the presence of a line like other test devices.


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Centurion is the only wall mounted breath tester on the market today with Alcolizer’s patented modular calibration system. The latest in compact, efficient, zero tolerance alcohol testing from Alcolizer Technology.


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Wall Mount 4

The Alcolizer WM4 (WM4) is designed for commercial and heavy use industrial alcohol breath testing. WM4 processes high worker volumes while delivering superior and accurate test results.


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