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Mobile Drug Testing Software

Your Customised On-Site Digital Form Solution

Plug into the world of digital drug testing records, instant client reporting and data sorting. Oh, one more thing, we customise and brand it for your business.

Step 01.

Your Form or Ours?

Our standard Testing Record Form fits requirements of a Permanent Record System under relevant Australian Standards. Otherwise we can add your preferred form.

Step 02.

Brand and Tailor the App.

Your business brand can be added to the back-end dashboard, test record forms and client reports as needed. First look and pre-release testing.

Step 03.

Finalise the App to Your Requirements.

Your own tailored App ready for use by your staff and clients. Apple iOS devices or Android compatible.

Step 04.

Implement Your Professional App Solution.

Instant data access to your drug testers in the field. Instant client reports. Allow client access to their records where required.









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Our Pricing is "Wholesale" as Always!

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